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2014 Spring - TNDY
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TNDY 404S 3349 1 e-Learning
The purpose of this course is to explore in depth the concept of electronic (also called online) learning. The course will be based on a recent book, E-learning Theory and Practice, by Caroline Haythornthwaite and Richard Andrews (Sage, 2011). The book addresses key topics such as learning theories and a theory of online learning, participation in discourse and learning communities, the context for learning as reflected in multiple learning ecologies and how it is leads to ubiquitous learning, and researching e-learning. It is likely that additional readings such as journal papers, conferences papers, cases, and trade press articles will also be used to supplement the book with recent literature. There will be a group project which will involve designing and evaluating a set of prototype courses that use a variety of e-learning environments, or developing a research proposal that explores differences in e-learning environments. Environments range from face-to-face teaching with support for virtual conversations in small size classes (a traditional class with an electronic discussion board) to virtual teaching and communications in extremely large classes (MOOCs Massive Open Online Courses).