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2014 Spring - TNDY
Subj Cat# Class# Sect Course
TNDY 404U 3402 1 Energy and the Environment
"Déjà vu all over again: Energy is back in the headlines for the first time since the early 1980’s with similar plotlines including energy independence and bailouts for Detroit. Except this time there are new plot twists such as peak (cheap) oil, oil supply constraints in Iran, Nigeria and other exporters, terrorism “risk premiums” in the oil market, cheap natural gas, global warming, a public health as a “rights” issue. The electricity sector is undergoing especially turbulent times as traditional business models are being altered due to renewable energy targets, climate change legislation, and energy efficiency and distributed generation requirements. Utilities are being required to deliver renewable electricity to their customers, but carrying the renewable electricity from rural to urban areas is increasingly difficult due to citizen and environmental opposition to new power lines. The course is broken down into two primary modules. Module one prepares students to perform microeconomic analysis of new energy sector projects and policy analysis of the regulatory system overlaying the energy sector. The learning objective for module one includes energy analysis in MS Excel to make students competitive for energy sector employment and academic research. Module two applies the skills learned in the first module to a range of energy policy topics.