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2014 Summer - TNDY
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TNDY 404V 5100 1 Communicating in an Increasingly Complex World
This TNDY course will address the question of managing organizational stakeholders, defined in the broadest sense – clients and shareholders, but more particularly employees, communities, and social institutions – in a context of rapidly increasing complexity. Whether in the non-profit, for-profit, or non-governmental arena, students will be joining organizations that need to navigate this brave new order of social and institutional complexity. This course teaches them how to be aware, and make good use, of communication strategies appropriate for this era of unprecedented institutional pressure. The course is an applied research seminar, open to PhD and advanced Master’s students across CGU. We’ll be spending roughly a third of our time discussing the research literature on organizations, institutions, and discourse / communication; another third discussing research and analytical methodologies (many of them new and evolving); and a final third on applying the learning. In addition to articles from research and professional journals, we’ll also be using cases extensively, including in the final trans-disciplinary group project.