Elective Courses (Sampling of Electives)

Course Number Title
MGT 301 Doing Business in Asia
MGT 307 Game Theory
MGT 309 Business Law
MGT 311 Designing Excellent Organizations Using Appreciative Inquiry
MGT 312 Doing Business in a Culture of Sustainability
MGT 314 Management Technology in the 21st Century
MGT 316 Teams
MGT 318 Integrated Marketing Communications
MGT 323 Consumer Behavior
MGT 324 Marketing Research
MGT 327 Financial Statement Analysis
MGT 329 New Product Development
MGT 331 Strategic Brand Management
MGT 332 Energy Derivatives
MGT 333 Global Financial Policy
MGT 334 Global Finance
MGT 339 Financial Derivatives
MGT 341 Design Thinking and the Creative Process
MGT 352 Marketing Strategy and Planning
MGT 360 Applied Operational Methods
MGT 362 Revitalization
MGT 364 Crisis Management
MGT 365 Toxic Leadership
MGT 367 Leadership in the 21st Century
MGT 369 Economics of Human Capital
MGT 373 Financial Strategy & Policy
MGT 375 Global Supply Chain Management: Strategy
MGT 376 Competing in a Global Environment
MGT 383 Economics of Strategy
MGT 385 Managing Over the Business Cycle
MGT 391 Introduction to Risk Management
MGT 401 Global Strategy & Trade
MGT 402 Asset Management Practicum
MGT 408
Art & Science of Project Management
MGT 415 Entrepreneurial Finance
MGT 475 Selected Topics in Finance: Fixed Income and Other Investments
MGT 476 Real Options
MGT 488 The Practice of Self Management
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