Commencement Participation Policy


Participation in Claremont Graduate University’s commencement ceremony is limited to the following groups of CGU students.

  • Students who received their degrees during the Summer and Fall semesters that immediately precede the current Spring semester
  • Students graduating during the Spring semester

If you wish to participate in Commencement, but have not yet completed your degree requirements, you must petition to be allowed to participate.  Eligibility requirements are as follows.

All students: You must complete your degree requirements and graduate during this year's Summer term.  Because you must be enrolled for the semester in which you expect to graduate, your student account must be free of any financial obligations and other academic holds.  Please note that you must also meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards in order to graduate from CGU.  If you are on academic probation, you may not petition to participate in Commencement.

Doctoral students: You must have submitted and expect to successfully defend your dissertation by the deadline published for the semester or you will receive a Summer degree.  If you do not qualify to graduate in Spring, but will graduate in Summer, you may petition to participate in Commencement.

Master's students: Three requirements must be met.  (1) At the end of this Spring semester, you must need no more than eight (8) units to complete your degree program.  (2) You will complete your degree program during the Summer term.  (3) You must be enrolled for the Summer semester.



To participate in Commencement, you must complete a Commencement Participation Petition and submit it to the Registrar's Office with the following attachments.

  • Personal statement, indicating how you meet the qualifications to participate in Commencement
  • Intent to Receive a Degree for the Summer term

Before submitting your petition, make sure it is complete and that you have attached the required documents.  Incomplete petitions will delay the processing of your request.

Petitions are reviewed by the Registrar's Office and approval is granted by the Provost.  The concurrence of your dean or department may be requested by the Registrar's Office. 

The Registrar's Office notifies you regarding disposition on your petition.  Petitions processed and approved before the publication deadline for the Commencment Program will allow your name to be listed on the Anticipated Summer Degrees page in the Commencement Program.


Deadlines for Commencement Participation

Students completing degrees in Spring should refer to the Degree Completion Checklist for deadlines.  The deadlines below apply to students who must petition to participate in Commencement.


April 19, 2013 Last day to submit your petition to the Registrar's Office
April 29, 2013 Last day for Provost approval of Commencement Participation Petitions
May 1, 2013 Publication deadline for Commencement Program



Graduation Regalia

Once approved, the Registrar's Office will provide you with information and instructions regarding ordering graduation regalia.  You are responsible for all regalia rental charges, including any rush or special handling charges that may be incurred as a result of late orders. 



Registrar's Office, or (909) 621-8285


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