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Masahiro Yamada

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Philosophy Department
School of Arts and Humanities
Claremont Graduate University
121 E. Tenth Street
Claremont, CA 91711
Tel.: 909.607.0471
Fax: 909.607.1221

Spring 2014 Office Hours: 
Wednesdays, 10:30 am - 11:30 am;
Thursdays, 9:30 am - 10:30 am;
and by appointment.


Ph.D., Philosophy: New York University, Department of Philosophy

A.M., Philosophy: Brown University, Department of Philosophy

A.B., Philosophy: Brown University, Department of Philosophy


My area of specialization is epistemology including related areas in the philosophy of mind, language and metaphysics. My other interests include phenomenology and history of philosophy, especially Aristotle's views on change and biology. For more details about current research interests please see this page about my research.


"Rule-following: a pedestrian approach", Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 80.2 (2010): 283-311.

"A new argument for evidentialism?", Philosophia 38.2 (2010): 399-404. (doi:10.1007/s11406-009-9205-5)

"A neglected way of begging the question", (with Peter Kung) American Philosophical Quarterly 47.3 (2010): 287-294.

"Getting it right by accident", Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 83.1 (2011):72-105.

"Taking aim at the truth", forthcoming in Philosophical Studies.


Dokodemonai tokorokarano nagame, 2009 [translation into Japanese of Thomas Nagel, The view from nowhere (Oxford University Press, 1989)]. With. Nakamura, N., Okayama, K., Saitoh, Y., Shinkai, T. and Suzuki, Y. Tokyo: Shunjusha.  (I also wrote a reader's guide to this edition)


at CGU:

Epistemology (Phil 341)
Manifest Reality, (PHIL342)

some courses I have taught in the past:
Ethics (Phil352)
Value and Objectivity (Phil345, Fall 2010)
Understanding and Explanation (with Peter Kung (Phil343, Spring 2010)
Agency and Action (with Dion Scott-Kakures, PHIL338, Spring 2008)
Psychology and Computation (with Peter Kung, PHIL285L, Spring 2007)
The Nature of Inquiry (with Jacek Kugler, TNDY401I, Spring 2006)

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