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Summer 2009

2009 has been a phenomenal year for Claremont Graduate University's annual series of workshops for professionals, academics, and students who seek to hone their research and evaluation skills.  Hundreds of web viewers across the globe joined our live audience (who also came in-person from across four continents) for a week of stimulating discussion, debate, and skill-building.

Among the highlights of this year's series were The Claremont Evaluation Debates, a pair of stimulating discussions on leading theories in the field with Dr. Michael Scriven, Dr. Michael Quinn Patton, and Dr. David Fetterman. These debates, which were watched live by hundreds online, are now also available for free viewing as streaming video at the link above.

Live webcast offerings included:

Professor David Fetterman conducts an exercise with on-site and online participants


Summer 2008

Claremont Graduate University's annual Professional Development Workshop Series garnered its best reviews to date from participants in 2008. Evaluators traveled from Bermuda, South Africa, Guyana, Iceland, New Zealand, Pakistan (not to mention 13 of the United States ) to participate in high-quality, intensive training on campus in sunny Southern California.

The 2008 series featured, in addition to 23 day-long workshops on evaluation and applied research methods, a series of three highly attended keynote luncheons. Those talks, by CGU President Robert Klitgaard, Mark Lipsey (Vanderbilt University), and Joha Louw-Potgeiter and Johann Louw (University of Cape Town) may be viewed through our online video library.

Our thanks to everyone who has made 2008 another resounding success.


Summer 2007

Claremont Graduate University's 2007 series of Professional Development Workshops in Evaluation and Applied Research Methods was our biggest and brightest to date.  With nearly 800 workshops sold, participants coming as from as far as Cypress, Syria, New Zealand, and South Korea, and 25 workshops on a broad array of topics, the series was by far the most successful in our growing history.  Many thanks to the academics, government and business professionals, and students from all over the world who have made this year a success.

The Keynote Address and Panel Discussion from August 19, entitled "Evaluation Across the Globe," has been posted in the DBOS Video Library.  This video is freely available for educational and training use.

Follow this link to see photos from the 2007 series.
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The Reaction Panel: Michael Scriven, Hallie Preskill, Christina Christie, and Stewart Donaldson

Dr. Conner addressed the audience through a multi-media presentation.



Summer 2006

This year's workshop series was our biggest ever. Over 650 seats were sold, with participants flying up to 6,500 miles (10,522 km) to experience cutting-edge training in evaluation science and applied research methodology. Exemplary scholars, teachers, and practitioners from top tier universities provided state-of-the-art workshops to working professionals, community group/organization members, college students, and the general public.

As an additional attraction this year, participants were also able to attend an all-day symposium on "What Constitutes Credible Evidence in Evaluation and Applied Research Methods?" A "Who's Who" of evaluation and applied research gathered onstage to debate the central issues facing applied researchers and evaluators in today's social and political climate.  Click on the link above for highlights from the day and streaming video of many of the talks.


Summer 2005

The workshop series continued to grow by leaps and bounds this year, with 17 workshops and record numbers of attendees—most workshops selling out weeks in advance!  Registrations were received from all over the United States, as well as Asia, Europe, and Africa.  We apologize for underestimating the demand this year, and for turning away a number of would-be attendees.  We hope, with expanded offerings next year, those that did not get seats this year will be able to join us.

The participant feedback on the workshops was once again overwhelmingly positive, and we are especially thankful for the many good suggestions for expanding the series.   Our July 13, 2005 panel discussion on "Emerging Career Opportunities in Evaluation and Applied Research" included commentary from:

Huey T. Chen, Panelist, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Hallie Preskill, Panelist, Claremont Graduate University
Gary T. Henry, Panelist, Georgia State University
David Fetterman, Panelist (via remote video), Stanford University
Christina A. Christie, Panelist, Claremont Graduate University
Stewart I. Donaldson, Moderator, Claremont Graduate University

Each panelist discussed some of the lessons they have learned from their careers, and illuminated opportunities that they see for the next generation of evaluators and applied researchers. This event was sponsored by the Southern California Evaluation Association and Claremont Graduate University Evaluation Programs.


Summer 2004

We nearly quadrupled the attendance from 2003 to 2004, with more than 425 seats purchased for the workshops.  It was particularly satisfying to welcome new faces to our Claremont Graduate University Evaluation Community from all over the United States and Canada.

The participant feedback on all of the workshops was overwhelmingly positive, and we are especially thankful for the many good suggestions for expanding the series.  Many of the faculty commented how impressed they were by the quality of discussion, and questions posed throughout their workshops.

For information on summer 2004's thought-provoking debate, "Determining Causality in Program Evaluation and Applied Research: Should Experimental Evidence Be the Gold Standard?", click on the link.