Online Registration

All Psychology and HR students register online.

If a DBOS student wishes to audit a course or enroll in an independent study, these requests must be processed through the academic department.

All students enrolled in the M.A. or M.S. program must meet with an advisor prior to registering themselves for classes online.

Registration Deadlines

Registration deadlines may be found on the Registrar's webpage.

Incoming students do not register until the new student Orientation at the beginning of their first semester.

Students will maintain access in the portal to make changes (add/drop) to registration until the end of the Add/Drop period, after which all changes must be processed by your academic department. Please submit a Change in Registration form.

Students must maintain continuous registration each semester. If you will not be taking coursework, but have not completed your degree requirements, you must register for Doctoral Studies (doctoral students), Continuous Registration (masters students), or Continuous Certificate Registration (certificate students).

Students who are not registered by the end of the Add/Drop period will be withdrawn from CGU. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for specific term dates.

Course Restrictions

Registration for some courses may be restricted to students of that program for the first two weeks of the open registration period, after which courses will be open for all CGU students.

Auditing Courses

  • You may audit a course with the instructor's approval.
  • You may audit courses if you are enrolled in Doctoral Study or Continuous Registration.
  • To view more information about auditing courses please go to the CGU Bulletin and click on "Registration and Degree Information".


If you wish to register for a course with prerequisites and do not meet the prerequisites, please contact the  academic department (Psychology or HR as appropriate).

Independent Study

To enroll for an independent study course you must contact the faculty member, obtain departmental approval, and receive a permission number which is required for registration.

Withdrawal from Courses

If you need to withdraw from all of your courses at CGU, you must submit a completed change in registration form to your academic department. Do NOT drop your courses on-line.

Click here for more information on withdrawing.

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