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Education Professor William Perez is researching ways in which undocumented immigrants are impacted by state policy 


Professor Tom Horan is researching ways in which technology can be used to save lives. 


Dean Gerstein featured on ABC 7 Eyewitness News 
Vice Provost and Director of Research interviewed about the study on gambling in California.


Professor Jacek Kugler Featured in KNX AM 1070 Interview
Professor Jacek Kugler (School of Politics and Economics) gave a lengthy interview with KNX (AM 1070) anchors Vicki Cox and Jim Thornton on the proliferation of nuclear arms in North Korea, and the potential effect it will have on the entire Asian continent.


CGU President Klitgaard Invited to Speak On Corruption
CGU President and University Professor Robert Klitgaard —considered a world renowned expert on fighting corruption—addressed several Namibian officials via a U.S. government-sponsored videoconference on Monday morning from the Claremont Graduate University campus.


Drucker Dean Ira Jackson Featured on Business Week Interview

Discussions revolve around Peter Drucker and the importance of training ethical business leaders.


Renowned Artist David Scott and Contemporaries Focus of CGU Exhibition  Interview with CGU grad and participant Martha Longnecker talks about the event’s importance.


CGU announces Mormon Studies Chair campaign—the first of its kind in the nation. 


Tom Horan and Steeve Kay talk about the benefits of CGU’s Kay Center for E-Health Research, which studies ways the medical field can one day digitize all health records, which would save time, money, and lives. 


The Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito School of Management awarded its annual $25,000 prize for non-profit innovation to San Diego-based Family Literacy Foundation, which generated a buzz among the military, non-profits, and press. Drucker Dean Ira Jackson was prominently featured in this Voice Of America radio interview. 


Alumni Conference Highlights
The annual alumni conference was held in Washington D.C., and featured the theme “Leadership”. Speakers included graduates in all walks of life.


Information Systems and Technology Professor Terry Ryan describes some new initiatives to create “the Claremont Conversation for the 21st century.”


Dr. Laurie Richlin describes the professional development of Claremont Graduate University.


CGU is the first university to partner with DBM across a variety of faculties to provide a variety of unique services to our students. Students can take advantage of DBM’s 230 offices in 85 countries around the world. Here is Fatma Kassamali, the new head of the Office of Career Management:


Around the United States, teacher training is criticized for being uninterested in the links between what teachers learn and experience and what the results eventually are for students. CGU’s Teacher Education Program exemplifies a better way, as Professor DeLacy Ganley explains:


Paul Zak, Professor of Neuroeconomics at CGU’s School of Politics and Economics, describes his work on trust and its potential impact on the economy.





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