The CGU Writing Center provides 1 free consultation (either in-person or on-line or Skype) every week for all CGU students, faculty, and staff.

If you cannot make your appointment, please cancel more than 24 hours ahead so that another student may have the space.

All types of appointments are made through the same on-line appointment system. See below.


To view details of our appointment services click here.


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The Writing Center is offering on-line sessions via Skype.

Appointments are now available five days a week. Check out our schedule for details. 

Details for setting up Skype and conducting a Skype session are available here.

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 In-person and Skype 

One-on-one, in-person and Skype appointments with our consultants are 50 minutes per session and are all held in the Writing Center house on 12th Street or from anywhere, respectively.





You may submit a paper as an email attachment and will receive comments from a consultant by email. The turn-around time for papers is:

  • Papers up to 15 double-spaced pages: approximately 2 business days
  • Papers from 16-50 double-spaced pages: approximately 7 days
  • We do not accept papers over 50 pages in one submission.
 How to make an in-person or Skype appointment
  • If you have not yet registered with our systems, go to our appointment system and be sure to “Click to register” (NOT to "log in").
  • Fill in the required information. Then log in to the system with the password you just created.
  • In each day's schedule, the WHITE boxes are open appointment times. Click on one that fits your schedule and then “save” it. Your appointment will be made, and you will receive a confirmation email to your cgu email address.

  • To cancel an in-person or Skype appointment, click on your blue appointment box for the appointment you want to cancel, then in the popup box, scroll down and click "Cancel this appointment?" and then SAVE it.
 How to submit a paper on-line
  • To submit a paper on-line, go to our appointment system (the same one for in-person appointments).
  • If you are not registered, be sure to “Click to register” (NOT to "log in"). Fill in the required information. Then you can log in to the system with the password you just created. 
  • Under each day's schedule, there is a row of appointments titled "Email Submission." Click on any WHITE box in this row to submit your appointment.


  • When the appointment box pops up, you will save the appointment. There will be a notice that you have successfully made an appointment. DO NOT CLOSE THIS BOX. There is an option to UPLOAD your document at this point. UPLOAD your paper to attach it to your appointment.
  • Once you have created your appointment, the system will email you a confirmation.


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