Master of Arts in Public Policy and Evaluation


The Master of Arts in Public Policy and Evaluation (MAPPE) is a 48-unit joint program between DPE and DBOS that draws from Public Policy in DPE and Evaluation in DBOS. In addition, strong research methodology offerings in both schools allow students to build a combination of skills that will prepare them for a wide range of attractive careers.

The MAPPE program has the advantage of drawing portions of the curriculum from two complementary domains -- public policy and evaluation -- and offering more extensive coverage of the relevant topics. In a single program, we can provide training on the organizational and process implementation techniques, plus training on the technical aspect of outcome evaluations. Courses from both the public policy and psychology/evaluation departments include a strong emphasis on the political issues involved in evaluations of any kind – including the stakeholder/constituent role in evaluation, empowerment aspects, and the ethical requirements of a policy analyst/evaluator. The program allows considerable individual flexibility (with approval of a faculty advisor) to construct a program that builds important skills for a wide range of careers.

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Core Policy Courses (DPE) - 16 units                            
  • PP330     Public Policy Process                        
  • PP331     Policy Evaluation                         
  • SPE313   Microeconomics & Public Policy (basic) or        
  • SPE318   Seminar in Policy Analysis (advanced)         
  • PP306     Legislative Process and Public Policy (national view) or    
  • PP345     Urban Politics and Policy (local view)                        

Core Evaluation Courses (SBOS) - 12 units                        
  • Psych 315b   Foundations of Evaluation                    
  • Psych 315z   Comparative Evaluation Theory                
  • Psych 354b   Evaluation Procedures

Evaluation/Method Elective (examples)                
  • Psych 315a   Theory-Driven Program Evaluation
  • Psych 352l    Professional Development in Evaluation & Applied Methods
Research and Statistical Methods (either SPE or SBOS courses) - 12 units


  • PP481    Quantitative Research Methods                 
  • PP482   Advanced Quantitative Research Methods            
Methodology Elective    (examples)                     
  •         Survey Research Methods
  •         Decisions-Making Models


  • Psych 302    Research Methods                    
  • Psych 308a   Intermediate Statistics                     
  • Psych 308b   ANOVA                        
  • Psych 308c   Applied Multiple Regression                 
  • Psych 308d   Categorical Data Analysis                 
Elective Courses (8 units)                                  
With the approval of their Academic Advisor, students may take elective courses at any CGU school. For M.A. students who wish to transfer to a Ph.D. program, 4 units of electives could be satisfied through a Transdisciplinary course. No units from graduate programs outside CGU may be applied to this degree program.


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