Read carefully through the important contents of your admit packet. Your packet
was mailed to you within 2 weeks of the time you first learned of your admission
from your academic department.

Decide if CGU is where you would like to pursue your graduate study. We
encourage you to be in contact with your academic department to learn all you can
about your future program...visit if you can! All admitted students interested in
enrolling at CGU should return the decision card with the monetary amount listed
on the card to Attn: Admissions at 160 E. Tenth Street, Claremont, CA 91711. 

Ensure that you have made arrangements to finance your education. In financing
your CGU education, there are two types of aid you can apply for: institutional aid
and federal aid.

  • Institutional Aid: When you first applied to CGU, you most likely submitted
    a Profile/Institutional Aid Request form for your academic department to consider
    you for an award.  The awards they are able to give to selected students are
    usually in the form of fellowships, research assistantships and teaching
    assistantships and minority fellowships. If you have questions regarding these
    types of awards, please contact your academic department directly, or you can
    visit the Office os Student Financing's page on Institutional Aid.
  • Federal Aid:  Graduate students enrolled in a degree program who meet
    general eligibility requirements, including U.S. citizenship or permanent residency,
    may apply for federal loans or other federal and state assistance.  Information
    is available on the Office of Student Financing web site.

    Additional information regarding external grant and scholarship resources can
    be found there, public or university libraries, or on the World Wide Web at  
  • Once an award has been made of either Institutional and/or Federal Aid, you
    will receive a letter from the Office of Student Financing detailing the award.
    Please read and follow all the instructions given with the award letter to
    ensure the monies credit to your account. 

After sending in your decision card, contact your academic department to receive
information about participating in academic department orientations, academic
advising and the registration process. (At CGU, you register for your classes
through your academic department)
    - The Schedule of Classes and the Registration Form (semester specific) are
       available at this link: Registration


New Student Orientation and Registration: As mentioned above, contact your
academic department to learn about their orientation program and about the
academic advising and registration process.

Email and network accounts on campus: Your new will be created for you
prior to the start of the semester. You will receive your account information
from your academic department directly. 
Please be advised that all official university communications are sent only to
email accounts and all students are accountable for the messages sent by the
university's administrators
. Click here for more details on CGU email.

Student ID Card:
Once the semester has begun you can obtain your CGU student ID
card. Your ID card is required for access to the library and to receive services around 
campus. You can stop by the Card Center in McAlister Hall within the first two weeks
of class.   Please visit: for more information. 

Housing: The CGU Housing Office can assist you in locating a residence.  You can
visit their website at: . Additionally, we encourage
international students to contact International Place for additional information and
assistance with housing arrangements.

Health Insurance:
Brochures about health insurance for all students are available
in the Student Affairs Office. International students must show verification of health
insurance to the International Student Coordinator before registration, or purchase coverage when registering.  You may email the Coordinator at

Parking on Campus: All students with cars need a parking pass, however, the parking
pass is free.
- In the first few days of the semester, the Campus Security Office will be available
  at CGU in a central location so you can obtain a parking pass.
- Or, you can visit the Campus Security Office at 251 E. Eleventh Street to obtain a
  pass.   Please call ahead so that Campus Security can advise you of any
  documentation you will need to bring with you.  (909) 621-8170.

Your Bill: Your bill for each semester is generated from the classes in your registration.
- If there are any changes to be made to your fall course schedule, you must do so
  before the end of the Add/Drop period. This is the last day to add classes or make
- Please be advised that there is a fee for late changes to your registration and
  there are monetary penalties for dropping a class/classes after the drop period ends.
  (The last day to drop classes is listed on the student calendar for each semester.)
- All bills are delivered electronically and payment can be made online.  Please visit: for details.


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