Graduate Student Life

Photo Archive - 2005 SAA Talent Show and Winter Party

DBOS would like to thank the Student Advocacy Association for putting on another great party to celebrate the end of 2005.  A special thank-you goes to all the very talented singers, dancers, and musicians who took part in this year's festivities.

All photos courtesy of DBOS student Karen Dayberry.

A packed audience wonders what's in store for the night.

DBOS students Chanel Parson and Kyle Dyer with alumnus David Breihan (center).

Alejandro Torres on the mic!

Cognitive Psychology students Kelly Sayne and Kathryn Sperry with Associate Dean Kathy Pezdek.

Professor Allen Omoto (center) with two guests.

Students Dona Chen and Erica Rosenthal.

Students Gabrielle Osborne and Ann Isbell.

Students Jamey Winchester, Dona Chen, and Chris Watz enjoy the meal.

Student Linda Ding performs a traditional south-eastern Chinese dance.

Drs. Tiffany Berry, Stewart Donaldson, Kathy Pezdek, and Rebecca Eddy with student Chanel Parson.

Drs. Jason Siegel, Kathy Pezdek, and Stewart Donaldson enjoy the evening.

Tina Tohsakul sings for us.

DBOS students Jessica Clevering and Jennifer Pinzon.

SAA President and drummer par excellence, Justin Hackett.

Kara Yoneshige does a jazz dance to "Route 66."


Kellan London and Megan Beyer duet.

Students Gabrielle Osborne, Kellan London, and Ann Isbell.

Megan Beyer, Justin Hackett, and David Briehan rock out.