M.A. Program Requirements

Co-Concentration in Public Policy and Evaluation (48 units)

Core Policy Courses (16 units)

Policy core courses are taught in the Division of Politics & Economics.
PP330 Public Policy Process (4 units)
PP331 Policy Evaluation (4 units)
SPE313 Microeconomics & Public Policy (basic) (4 units) or SPE318 Economic Analysis in Public Policy (advanced)
PP306 Legislative Process and Public Policy (national view) (4 units) or PP345 Urban Politics and Policy (local view) (4 units)

Core Evaluation Courses (12 units)

Psych 315b: Foundations of Evaluation 2 units
Psych 315z: Comparative Evaluation Theory 4 units
Psych 354b: Evaluation Procedures 4 units
Evaluation/Method Elective 2 units
Psych 315a: Theory-Driven Program Evaluation
Psych 352l: Professional Development in Evaluation & Applied Methods

Research and Statistical Methods (12 units)

Psych 302a: Research Methods 4 units
Psych 308a: Intermediate Statistics 2 units
Psych 308b: Categorical Data Analysis 2 units
Psych 308c: ANOVA 2 units
Psych 308d: Applied Multiple Regression 2 units
PP481: Quantitative Research Methods
PP482: Advanced Quantitative Research Methods
Methodology Elective
Survey Research Methods
Strategic Modeling Decisions

Elective Courses (8 units)

Students are required to take an additional 8 units of related coursework from the Division of Politics and Economics, following an approved plan of study.

For MA students who wish to transfer to a Ph.D. program, 4 units of electives may be satisfied through a Transdisciplinary course.