Math Online Registration

The School of Mathematical Sciences students will register on-line.

 Online Registration

Please refer to main CGU Registration & Enrollment

 Enrollment  Restrictions

  • Enrollment for some courses may be restricted to students of specific programs for the first two weeks of open enrollment then the courses will be open to all CGU students for enrollment.  

 Auditing Courses

  • Math students (including those in doctoral studies or continuous registration) may audit courses with instructor approval.
  • To view more information about auditing courses, visit and click on "Registration and Degree Information".

 General/Paper-Based Registration Information

  • For information about paper-based registration click here.
  • For technical assistance, please contact the Helpdesk at or (909) 621-8174.


 Pending Enrollment

  • Please contact your advisor prior to registerig for classes each semester.  They may have suggestions regarding your course selection.
  • Prior to the registratation period, check the student portal to verify there are no academic holds on your account.
  • Students will maintain access in the portal to make changes (add/drop) to registration until September 14, after which all changes must be processed by your academic department. Please submit a Change in Registration form; access this form in the Paper-Based Registration section.  You will be able to modify your existing enrollment without incurring a late fee until the end of the Add/Drop period.  Click here for information.


  • Although some mathematics courses have prerequisites, on the portal, all math courses have the status of open enrollment. As a math student, you are responsible to check the 2008-2009 Mathematics Courses listing to verify that you are adequately prepared to enroll in specific courses. In addition, you are expected to meet with your academic advisor each semester before registering for classes. If you fail to do so, your advisor may place a hold on your registration until you have attended an appointment with them.
  • The only exception to open enrollment are courses designated in the note section of the on-line schedule as limited to MSFE students. The portal system will only allow Financial Engineering students to enroll in these classes.
  • To enroll for an independent study course, contact the faculty member to obtain their approval and a permission number for the course. The permission number is required for online registration.


 Withdrawal from Courses

  • If you need to withdraw from all of your courses at CGU, you must submit a completed Change of Registration Form to your department.  Do not drop your courses online.  Click here for more information. 


 Proceed to register online through the student portal.

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