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Pre-Commencement Forum: Celebrating the Contributions of Mathematics

Friday, May 16, 2008
The Claremont Graduate University Forum
Friday May 16, 2:30PM-5:00PM, Albrecht Auditorium

"What Makes it Work?"
Celebrating the Contributions of Mathematics


...and the Founding of the Claremont Center for the Mathematical Sciences



Robert C. Merton, Nobel Laureate and the John and Natty McArthur University Professor at the Harvard Business School, speaking on “From Stochastic Integrals to Integrated Finance: Observations on the Contribution of Mathematics to Finance Science and Practice.” He will also be meeting with the Financial Engineering students for a private reception and book signing.



Alpan Raval, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computational Biology, CGU School of Mathematical Sciences and Keck Graduate Institute, speaking on “Mathematics and the Molecular Basis of Life”



Richard Tapia, University Professor, Maxfield and Oshman Professorship in Engineering, Rice University, speaking on “Mathematicians: Gatekeepers of Quality or Promoters of Underrepresentation" Program


Mathematics has seen outstanding problems solved in the past 100 years, and there have been significant advances in diverse application areas: medicine (e.g. CAT Scans and MRI), data processing (e.g. secure Internet transactions), computing (search engines such as Google), flight and space exploration, genetics and genomic medicine, and financial markets, to name just a few. Yet if one were to calculate the cost of mathematical research over the past 100 years, it would be a small fraction of what the world has gained as a result. While much of the mathematics used in these advances was conceived over 75 years ago, the challenges facing us in the future require new approaches and inventions, as well as sustained efforts to improve mathematics and science education and increase the number of new students entering the mathematical sciences. To focus on these challenges, the Claremont Consortium has founded a new Claremont Center for the Mathematical Sciences (http://ccms.claremont.edu).

In this forum, distinguished guest speakers will help us celebrate the incredible contributions of mathematics by offering their perspectives on how higher mathematics has influenced their work and society as a whole.

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