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Oxford Course Information Session

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Oxford Course Information Session

Thursday, April 5, 2012
6:00 PM
Dean's Conference Room

Course Details

We are pleased to confirm the final program fee at $2,500 if you have your own ensuite or $2,400 if you share an ensuite (we had earlier indicated a tentative fee of $2,900). This is in addition to tuition and your travel costs to and from Oxford.

Dates: Saturday August 18 - Saturday August 25.

Location: We stay at the beautiful Magdalen College in Oxford (see: http://www.magd.ox.ac.uk). Think "Harry Potter".


  • The Program fee is set $2,500 if you have your own ensuite or $2,400 if you share an ensuite. This covers room and board while at Oxford plus the cost of speakers any field trips we will take while there.
  • Tuition (4 units)
  • Travel to and from Oxford is your own responsibility.


Theme: The course always focuses on "Doing Business in Europe". The topics for which we are trying to secure speakers include the following:

  1. The Current Macro European context – especially the financial markets/banks; the Euro and its future.
  2. How Businesses Interface with Society – strategic challenges.
  3. Live case studies about how businesses respond to Europe 2012, e.g., with respect to the financial situation. We hope to get a speaker to talk about London 2012.
  4. Live case studies about managing a Business in Europe – for example, managing a multicultural workforce, manufacturing challenges, international branding challenges. 



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