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The program in Organizational Sciences is one of the most popular psychology programs at CGU.  The objective of the program is to train future leaders, change agents, scholars, and educators to use psychological and organizational theory and research to improve organizational effectiveness and the work life of all individuals.  Since we believe every student is unique, we encourage students to tailor their coursework and practical experiences to fit their individual interests and career goals.

Most graduates of the program report being well prepared and sought after for a wide variety of personally rewarding career opportunities. Follow this link for a sample of positions held by DBOS alumni.

The Organizational Sciences Program seeks new students committed to creating or improving socially responsible organizations ready to meet the challenges of an increasingly diverse workforce, global economy, and global community.

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Degree Options

Click on the links below for specific program requirements:

M.A. Programs

Ph.D. Programs

M.A. Co-concentration degree in
Organizational Behavior and Evaluation

Ph.D. with a concentration in
Organizational Behavior
(includes MA in Psychology)

Ph.D. with a concentration in
Positive Organizational Psychology

(includes MA in Psychology)

M.A. Co-concentration degree in
Positive Organizational Psychology
and Evaluation

In addition, we offer Ph.D. students with primary concentrations in Psychology and Evaluation a sequence of evaluation courses that leads to a formal doctoral co-concentration in Organizational Behavior.

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We also offer dual degree options with Management (MBA) and Human Resources Design (M.S.).

Students and alumni mingle at a recent Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology conference

Practical Experience and Internships

All Organizational Sciences graduate students are required to gain practical experience through projects, internships, or jobs.  A variety of faculty members, research institutes, local colleges and universities, and local organizations employ DBOS students.  For example, the Institute of Organizational and Program Evaluation Research is an organized research unit in DBOS that has employed and provided practical experience for numerous organizational students.


The Organizational Sciences programs admit students with either a bachelor's or a master's degree in psychology, business administration, or related fields.  We have a very generous transfer-of-units policy for students who have already earned a Master's degree from another institution.  That is, if you are applying for a Ph.D. degree, you may transfer up to 24 units of relevant coursework and a Master's Thesis.  The program does admit students each year directly from undergraduate programs and we also admit mid-career students who are returning to the university after more extensive work experience.  We seek a diverse student body and do not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, national origin, religion, sexual preference, disability or other minority status.

Advanced CGU graduate students and faculty would be happy to provide you with more information about the field and career opportunities in Organizational Behavior and Positive Organizational Psychology.  To make a phone appointment with our Career Advisor or to arrange a visit to campus, please email Kristen Ahn at

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Faculty and Resources in Organizational Sciences

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Financial Aid

Generous gifts to Claremont Graduate University have made it possible for us to realize our mission of making high-quality graduate education more accessible to a diverse group of students.  We are happy to report that all Organizational Behavior and Positive Organizational Psychology students who request financial aid receive fellowships.  At the time a student is offered admission to one of our graduate programs, DBOS faculty contact students to discuss the details of their financial aid package.  In addition, significant increases in faculty research funding have resulted in a substantial increase in the number of stipends and the amount of tuition remission support we are able to provide.  DBOS also regularly hires students for paid teaching assistantships.  The CGU Office of Student Financing assists students with finding work study positions, private scholarships, and government loans.