Our Students in Action

Janice Adelman

Religion and Violence

Janice on a recent trip to Jerusalem, where she interviewed
Israeli and Palestinian residents on political violence. 

The research of Janice Adelman focuses on two highly timely themes: religion and violence. Her interest in the topics has led her to work with several faculty in and outside of Claremont, and showcases the diversity of areas affected by these topics.

Janice is collaborating with Dr. Michael Hogg and Dr. Shana Levin (GFIP, CMC), and is preparing to leave for Israel to conduct a study in May/June 2007 in the region. The research is novel in that it will survey both Israeli Jews and Palestinian Muslims living day-to-day surrounded by conflict. This work will shed light on the extent to which national versus religious identities diverge or converge in concert with uncertainty to predict support for political violence.

In other ongoing work with Dr. Allen Omoto, Janice has been examining dimensions of religiousness as predictors of political involvement, be it at the level of volunteering in political organizations, engaging in political activism, or the extent to which one is interested in issues of social justice. Recent analyses have been further expanded to assess the difference of activism across multiple religious denominations and traditions in both the US and multiple countries across Europe. This work was presented at the July 2007 International Society of Political Psychology's annual meeting.

Later that same July, Janice participated in the Summer Workshop on Teaching about Terrorism in Oklahoma City. This intensive short-course was led by some of the top terrorism experts from academia, government and private industry.

Off-campus, Janice is involved in several projects with Dr. Jeff Victoroff, Professor of Clinical Neurology & Psychiatry at USC dealing with aggression and suicide terrorism. These ongoing studies investigate sympathy for terrorism, terrorist motivations, and factors of aggressive behavior. Part of this work involves the study of patients with traumatic brain injury and aggression.

In 2007-2008, Janice chaired the Graduate Student Committee of the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues.