Our Students in Action

Maren Dollwet

Assessing and Developing Cross-Cultural Skills


Maren Dollwet, an Organizational Behavior PhD student, has encountered many different cultures throughout her life having lived and moved throughout Germany, Poland, and the United States. This international exposure as well as being an international student at CGU, has sparked her interests in multinational workplaces. In her travels, Maren has witnessed the successes and challenges of expatriation and international assignments. She is therefore determined to help multinational organizations implement effective global HR strategies that facilitate the selection and training of expatriates.

As part of her research, Maren has developed an assessment tool to measure cross-cultural skills. In addition, she is currently working with Dr. Becky Reichard on an applied study that includes the delivery of cross-cultural training to various organizations in the U.S. For her dissertation, Maren is working with Dr. Maritza Salazar to identify factors that lead to expatriate success. Specifically, this includes examining how expatriates, their families, and the host national work team adjust to the expatriation process and what can be done to enhance adjustment on these multiple levels. In another vein of research, Maren is currently working with Dr. Stewart Donaldson to empirically investigate the current state of the field and contributions of Positive Organizational Psychology.

In addition, to the specific focus on multinational workplaces, Maren is also interested in traditional Organizational Behavior topics such as talent management, leader development, as well as organizational change and development. She has engaged in several applied consulting projects and also worked closely with DIRECTV, which has enabled her to build expertise in these areas within Organizational Behavior. Her applied career goal is to work with organizations in managing and developing their talent, both international and domestic, so that organizational effectiveness can ultimately be achieved.

In her spare time, Maren rides horses and loves to travel. Having travelled quite a bit already, she says California is still one of the most beautiful places she had had the privilege of living in.