Arthur H. Brayfield Dissertation Award

The Arthur H. Brayfield Dissertation Award, given in recognition of the contributions made by Arthur H. Brayfield to the profession of psychology, is presented each year to the doctoral degree candidate who has completed the most meritorious dissertation in psychology*.  Each year, our core and supporting faculty from around the Claremont Colleges vote on the most outstanding dissertation of the year.  Each year's Brayfield winner is honored at our Commencement Celebration with a cash award and the unveiling of their name on a placard in the Austin Library on campus.

Arthur H. Brayfield (1915-2002)

Brayfield Award Winners, 1985-Present

O'Brien, Erin (2014)
Psychological Bleakness and Health Communication: Differential Effects of Fear Appeals, Controlling Language, and Immediacy of Consequences

Fierro, Leslie (2013)
Clarifying the Connections: Evaluation Capacity and Intended Outcomes

Rosenthal, Erica (2012)
Overcoming Cognitive and Motivational Barriers to Media Literacy: A Dual-Process Approach

Greenberg, Alissa (2011)
Addressing the Research-to-Practice Gap in Autism Treatments: Applying an Effectiveness Research Model to the Picture Exchange Communication System

Hawkins, Stacy (2010)
Family Relationships and Adolescent Behavior: A Look at Families Headed by Heterosexual, Gay, and Lesbian Parents

Sperry, Kathryn (2010)
Attribution Theory Applied to the Courtroom: The Mediating Role of Sympathy on the Relationship between Victim Blame and Verdict

Berquist, Kari (2009)
Teaching Parents of Children with Autism to Evaluate Interventions

Muscalu, Laura (2008)
The Role of Phonological Activation in Bilinguals' Orthographic Realization of Words

Romero, Victoria (2007)
Inhibitory Attention Control in Young Infants

Love, Julia (2007)
Theory of Mind Ability in the Preadolescent Language Broker: Connections Between Language Brokering, Social Cognition, and Academic Achievement

Chung, King Shi (Christie) (2005)
Effects of Age and Study Repetition on Recognition Memory

Malsch, Anna (2005)
Prosocial Behavior Beyond Borders: Understanding a Psychological Sense of Global Community

Healy, Michael (2004)
Multidimensional Signal Detection Theory Models of Memory in Young and Older Adults

Weiss, Rachel (2003)
Antecedents and Consequences of Workplace Serostatus Disclosure Among a Diverse, Urban Sample of Employed HIV-Infected People

Groves, Kevin (2002)
An Examination of Leader Social Intelligence and Follower Openness to Organizational Change as Key Components of Charismatic Leadership

Taylor, Jennifer (2001)
Aging Effects on Semantic and Phonological Processing in Picture Naming

Takaku, Seiji (2000)
Testing a Dissonance-Attribution Model of Interpersonal Forgiveness

Kennison, Robert (2000)
The Effects of Age, Grammaticality, Chunk Strength, and Similarity in Artificial Grammar Learning

Aberson, Christopher (1999)
Ingroup Bias and Self-Esteem: A Meta Analysis

Nemiro, Jill (1998)
Creativity in Virtual Teams

August, Rachel (1997)
Career Retrospectives: Late Career Women's Reflections on the Experiences and Meanings of Work and Retirement

Kaneshiro, Eric (1996)
Multiculturalism and the Model Minority: Japanese Americans' Ethnic Identity and Psychosocial Adjustment

Schultz, Paul Wesley (1995)
A Field Experiment on Interventions to Improve Curbside Recycling

Wilson, David (1995)
The Role of Method in Treatment Effect Estimates: Evidence from Psychological, Behavioral and Educational Meta-Analyses

Edwards, Todd (1994)
Toward a Theory on the Developmental Process of Participation in the Antinuclear War Movement

Campbell, John (1993)
The Effects of Dark Vergence Display Locations on Visual Fatigue

Meredith, Lisa (1992)
Stressful Life Events and Health Outcomes in the Chronically Ill

Donaldson, Stewart (1991)
Employee Lifestyle, Health, and Organizational Behavior: Implications for Occupational Health Promotion

Holst, Valerie (1990)
Schemas for Typical Crimes and Their Effects on Memory

Kaufman, Phillip (1989)
High School Dropouts Who Return to School

Lunn, Robert (1988)
Visual fatigue induced through neuronal adaptation

Finchamp, Deborah (1988)
An examination of the validity of the California Department of Corrections' Custodial Classification system

Worthley, Joanna (1987)
The role of gender-related values in persistence in undergraduate science

Schriber, Jacquelyn (1986)
An exploratory study of the temporal dimensions of work organizations (time, culture, occupations, field research)

McDonnell, Kathleen (1985)
Residential energy conservation: A multivariate analysis of innovative behavior (retrofitting, educational outreach, local implementation, cluster analysis, community planning)


*On five occasions (1988, 1995, 2000, 2007, and 2010) the award was given simultaneously to two doctoral candidates.