1. Click "Start", Click "Printers and Faxes"

  2. Click "Add a printer"

  3. "Add Priner Wizard" pops up. Click "Next",

  4. Check "Local printer attached to the computer" but Uncheck "Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer", Click "Next"

  5. Check "Create a new port", Click on drop down menu, Select "Standard TCP/IP port", Click "Next"

  6. Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wisard" pops up. Click "Next"

  7. Enter an IP address from the below table in "Printer Name or IP Address" pane (Port Name will be assigned automatically), Click "Next"
    Math South – Main Office
    HP LaserJet 5M (B&W)
    Math South – 2nd Floor
    HP LaserJet 6P (B&W)
    Math North – Lab
    HP LaserJet 2100TN (B&W)

  8. "Add Printer Wizard" will then display manufacturer and model seletion window, Find the correct model according to the above table, Click "Next"

  9. Depends on printer model, it will ask to add a new driver or to use existing driver. Choose whatever appropriate for you.

  10. Enter a name of the printer for your laptop, Click "Next".

  11. Printer Sharing option window pops up. Choose "Do not share this printer."

  12. Click "Next" again to send a test page to the printer.

  13. Click "Finish".