MGT 660 - Project Management: A Systems Perspective


The purpose of this course is to develop a systems perspective of leadership that can be used to successfully manage a project. Students will gain a grounded and intuitive understanding of leadership skills, characteristics and actions needed to manage projects in today’s complex world. To help define this systems perspective, this course discusses project management as both an art and a science. As a science, project management considers formal systems such as metrics, rewards and traditional tools. In a complementary fashion, as an art it emphasizes culture and the informal side of the organization. By integrating both art and science using a systems perspective, the project manager can proactively take steps to influence success. Because the skills needed for managing projects are similar to those for leading an entire organization, all aspiring or current leaders regardless of level or responsibility, will find the course useful.   The course emphasizes leadership skills required in both the art and the science.




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