CGU Parking

Parking Permits

Parking permits are required when parking in any CGU parking lot.  Permits are issued by Campus Safety.

Visit Campus Safety, located in the Pendleton Business Building at 150 East Eighth Street (across Eight Street, directly in front of the Huntley Bookstore) to obtain your free parking permit.  To register your vehicle, you must present the following items.

  • Your driver's license
  • Your CGU ID card
  • Your vehicle's current registration

To avoid violations and other penalties, you should review and become familiar with the complete parking regulations of The Claremont Colleges.  Some of the highlights are summarized below.

Street Parking

Street parking on campus does not require a parking permit. However, when parking on the street, vehicles cannot be left overnight. Single night overnight passes may be obtained direct from The City of Claremont.  Contact the City at (909) 399-5411.

Neighborhood Agreement

The Claremont Colleges have established certain agreements with The City of Claremont and with the local neighborhood regarding parking practices and privileges.  Of particular importance is that students may not park vehicles on the west side of College Avenue nor within the neighborhoods west of College Avenue.

Please review and become familiar with the Campus Parking Map.


Campus Safety Parking Information

Other information available from the Campus Safety website include the following.

  • Parking regulations
  • Lost/stolen permit
  • Towed vehicle information
  • Traffic citation appeal form
  • Directions to the Campus Safety Office



Campus Safety can be reached from a campus phone at x72000 or (909) 621-8170 and (909) 607-2000.



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