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CGU policies and procedures have been established to ensure institutional efficiency as well as to comply with federal, state, accreditation, and other academic regulations.  Requests for exceptions to these policies are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  All requests must be substantiated with documentary evidence sufficient to justify the exception to established policy and procedures.

The approval process for petitions and appeals may include various consultations and reviews undertaken by Student Affairs.  Please allow sufficient processing time.

  • Academic petitions may require concurrence of department faculty and/or aprovals from your dean and/or the Provost's Office.
  • Financial policy appeals may be reviewed by the Appeals & Review Committee.  This committee meets weekly and is composed of Student Affairs directors.


Academic Petition

The Academic Petition is used by students and/or departments to request an exception to an academic, degree, registration, or other administrative requirement.  Do not use the academic petition to dispute grades or to request financial considerations.  Academic petitions should be submitted before the end of the semester to which the request applies.

Complete the Academic Petition in collaboration with your advisor or department representative.  Departmental approval is required.  Petitions should be accompanied by a statement and any relevant documentation to support the request for an exception.

Petitions are submitted to the Office of Student Affairs and may require the concurrence of department faculty and/or approvals from your dean and/or the Provost's Office.  If such additional approvals are necessary, Student Affairs will coordinate obtaining those approvals.


Financial Policy Appeals

Financial policies at CGU have been established in compliance with federal regulations that determine institutional eligibility for the administration of financial aid, Veterans Administration, and other government programs.  These policies are also consistent with fiscal standards for educational accreditation.  Exceptions to these policies may only be made under the most exceptional of circumstances.

Financial policies include procedures governing refunds, fees, and deadlines that affect your student account.

To request an exception to a financial policy, complete a Financial Policy Appeal Form and attach a personal statement along with any relevant or supporting documentation.

Important considerations to keep in mind include the following.

Documentation.  The Financial Policy Appeal Form must be accompanied by a personal statement and relevant documentation in support of your request.  Forms submitted without a statement and documentation cannot be processed.  Decisions are based upon the extensiveness and the relevance of the supporting documentation you provide.

Requests for Fee Waivers.  Do not submit appeals for fees that have not yet posted to your student account.  These requests cannot be processed.  Review the guidelines for preparing your statement for additional considerations.

Late Registration Fee.  Requests for reversal of the late registration fee should demonstrate how you were not able to register during the registration period of the applicable semester.  Registration periods are announced several times during the semester.  Students are responsible for becoming familar with University polices, for complying with all deadlines, and for reading their CGU e-mail.

Readmission Fee.  Financial hardship is not an acceptable reason for appealing the readmission fee.  Returning students are expected to assume responsibility for all tuition and fees when resuming their studies at CGU.

Tuition.  Requests regarding tuition must be approved by the dean of your school.  CAUTION: If you were a recipient of loans, fellowship, or other financial aid, please note that requested adjustments that decrease your enrolled units or tuition assessment may impact your eligibility for such aid.  Always consult financial aid before requesting any adjustments to your enrolled status.  International students should consult with the International Student Coordinator to problems with visa status.

Completed requests are submitted to the Office of Student Affairs and may be reviewed by the division's Appeals & Review Committee.  Please allow sufficient time for processing.



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