Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)



General Requirements

As a CGU student, you are expected to meet and maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward completion of your degree program.  The two primary criteria used to determine your SAP are the following.

  • GPA Requirement.  You must maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 in all your coursework taken at Claremont Graduate University.  Individual academic programs may require a higher GPA and or additional standards of progress.  CGU grading policies are provided in the Transcript Legend.  Also consult the academic program section for your department or program in the CGU Bulletin.
  • Maximum Incompletes.  You may have no more than two Incomplete (I) grades on your record at any time. (Courses in which the I has lapsed to a permanent grade are no longer Incomplete.)

Note that satisfactory progress toward a degree is also assessed by your time to degree.

  • Doctoral students.  You must show satisfactory progress in research and examinations as judged or determined by the faculty in your academic program.
  • All students.  You must make timely progress toward your degrees per the university’s time to degree requirements, which is a policy described in the Extension of Time section of the CGU Bulletin.

Failure to maintain the minimum SAP standards results in your being placed on academic probation.  If you are on academic probation, you are not eligible for graduation.



Implications of Academic Probation


The Registrar's Office places an academic probation hold on your record if you fail to meet SAP standards.  This hold prevents you from registering for classes at CGU.  Refer to the section on How the SAP Review is conducted and the webpage regarding holds.

Academic probation may have other important implications.

  • Financial Aid.  Eligibility or continued eligibility for financial aid may be seriously affected.  Consult a Financial Aid representative.
  • International Students.  Per SEVIS regulations of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division of the United States government, your eligibility or continued eligibility for international student status in the United States may be seriously and negatively affected by academic probation, repeated academic probation, and extensions of time toward completion of your degree.  CGU must comply all ICE regulations.  Contact the International Student Coordinator for guidance and assistance immediately. 

If you have two or more consecutive semesters of academic probation and wish to continue in your studies, you must submit an academic petition to your department.  The approval of your dean is required.



Dismissal for Lack of Satisfactory Academic Progress


If you are placed on academic probation, you must resolve the situations that incurred the status by the end of the following semester.  If you are unable to work yourself out of academic probation, you are subject to dismissal from the University by the faculty of your academic program.


How the SAP Review is Conducted


Prior to the beginning of each enrollment period (twice per year), the Registrar audits the records of all enrolled students to determine compliance with SAP standards.

  • If you do not meet the SAP standards, you are placed on academic probation.  A hold is placed on your student record and this action generates an automated notification to your e-mail address. 
  • Academic Probation means that you are prevented from registering for classes.  You should meet with your advisor or program coordinator to determine and map a strategy for raising your GPA and/or eliminating excessive Incompletes.  If your plan or strategy is approved, you may be authorized to enroll in classes.  Department notification to the registrar is required. 
  • If you have two or more consecutive semesters of academic probation, you must submit to your department an academic petition in order to continue with your studies at CGU.
  • Removal of an SAP hold is generally not automatic.  If you have addressed your issues and no longer meet the requirements for academic probation, contact the Registrar's Office immediately so that the hold can be removed from your record.  You may send an e-mail from your e-mail account to or call (909) 621-8285.
  • Whenever you are placed on academic probation, always consult a Financial Aid representative to determine the impact on eligibility or continued eligibility for financial aid and fellowships.
  • International students should always confer with the International Student Coordinator whenever they are placed on academic probation.




Registrar's Office: or (909) 621-8285

Financial Aid: or (909) 621-8337

International Student Coordinator: or (909) 607-3371

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