Jean Schroedel Jean Schroedel

Ph.D in Political Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

LOCATION Harper East 212
PHONE 909.621.8696

Teaching & Research Interests
American Politics; Women & Politics; Public Policy; Religion & Politics; Charismatic Leadership

Jean Schroedel is a Professor in the Department of Politics and Policy. Areas of specialization include policy making at the national level, religion and politics, women and politics, American political development, and public policies affecting women and children.  In 2001 Schroedel’s book, Is the Fetus a Person?  A Comparison of Policies Across the Fifty States, was awarded the American Political Science Association’s Victoria Schuck Prize.  In 2009 the Russell Sage Foundation published a two volume collection, Evangelicals and Democracy, co-edited by Schroedel.  She is currently completing a multi-year project analyzing voting rights litigation involving Native Americans and is working on local project studying the impact of community gardening on at-risk youth.  Schroedel also is collaborating with colleagues and students from psychology and political science on a major research project studying the use of charismatic rhetoric in presidential campaigns.  She also is a regular commentator on both conservative and liberal media outlets.

Curriculum Vitae
PP 300 The Study of American Politics and Institutions
PP 301 American Political Development
PP 306 The Legislative Process and Public Policy
PP 307 The Modern Presidency
PP 309 / Govt 290 Women and the Political Process
Gov 187  Women and the Law
Poli  152  Women and Public Policy




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