Part 0: Preface


After Parts A-E are complete, the interns will write a Preface to their ethnography.


Preface: An Introduction to Ethnography

 The Preface is an author’s note to the reader. It goes before Part A. It is generally short (five pages maximum), and it prepares the reader for the text. It is written from the perspective of the author after s/he has completed her/his manuscript.


What is this ethnography all about?

- Write an introduction to the ethnography so your reader has a sense of what they are about to read.

- Reflect upon this past year and tell your story.

- What did you learn? What surprised you?

- What was this project all about? Summarize.

- What did you learn from writing this ethnography…or from doing this research?


Questions regarding you as a veteran intern

- Where do you want to go now? What is your relationship to the profession?

- What do you want to work on? How will you work on these self-identified areas?


If you didn’t write the entire ethnography in the past-tense: Address the shifting tenses / perspectives of each section / chapter / part.

Address the use of pseudonyms



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