Part A: Self


Focus: Introduction to teaching, including an introduction to lesson plans; classroom management; California content standards, Education Specialist standards (Level I, mild/moderate); Teacher Performance Expectations & Tasks (TPEs and TPAs); etc.


Who am I? Why do I want to be a teacher?

What have been my own (and my family’s) attitudes toward school?

How has my background (cultural, linguistic, and socio-economic) influenced my experience and success in school?

How has my ability/disability impacted my experiences in school? (And, perhaps, think about specific teaching styles that seem to strengthen your learning.)

What is/was my family’s attitude toward education? How does/did this impact me?

What specific experiences shaped my perspectives on teaching and learning?

Which teachers had the greatest/least influence on my and why?


Why do I want to be an educator?

What experiences have I had that make me want to be a teacher?

What special talents and character qualities (positive and negative) do I bring to the profession?

What’s my understanding of the link between social justice and accountability? How do I define these terms?

How committed am I to positively impacting the academic and social success of my students?

What contribution do I want to make to the field?



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