Part D: Community


Gaining familiarity with a larger societal framework via analysis of the schools and communities in which the interns work.

What is happening in my school’s community?


1. What is my community’s history?

- Location

- Settlement history

- Population influxes

- Industry influxes

- Events that shaped the community’s psyche and/or identity


2. How can I describe the community so that my reader has an accurate sense of it?

- Population demographics

- Layout

- Community gathering places, landmarks, and establishments

- Appearance, maintenance, and style


3. What are my community’s resources?

- Social / human / family services

- Seminal community events

- After school / weekend / summer programs for kids

- Pillars of the community; leaders, religious institutions, businesses, government


4. What are my community’s aspirations and concerns?

- For the present?

- For the future?


5. What community events have I attended?

- How are they representative of the community’s gestalt?



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