Part E: Summative Follow-up

Gaining familiarity with a larger societal framework via analysis of the schools and communities in which the interns work.

What has the year been like for my five ethnography students?


1. Follow-up assessment of student learning and progress: What has the year been like for my student? How has he/she developed / not developed?

- Attendance

- Involvement

- Student attitude

- Progress of student work samples

- Pre/Post SAT 9/CAT 6 scores

- Progress on standards

- Course grades

- Goals for the future


2. Assessment of teaching strategies / effectiveness: What has the year been like for me? How have I / haven’t I developed?


- What strategies were most/least effective with each ethnography student?

- Retrospective analysis of student / teacher relationship

- Videotaped lesson (with written self-analysis)

- What was my progress on the TPEs (based in part on my Faculty Advisor’s input) and action plan?

- What do I need to focus upon to bring about student academic success and to increase my own development on the TPEs?

- Choose 2 TPEs where you have received check plus or plus (or your highest score) and talk concretely and with detail about what you have done to achieve this ranking.

- Choose 2 TPEs where you received an “O” or a check (or your lowest score) and talk concretely about what you plan to do in your classroom to improve. Include a timeline to implement the changes for these areas.

- Lastly, reflect upon your overall TPE assessment.



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