Part F: Reflection: Lessons Learned


Part F of the Ethnography will be written in the Summer during TLP IV but will not be included in the bound copy.


Summer 2 in TLP IV – Summer 2’s focus: Reflections on lessons learned from practice and scholarship.


How can I make sense of my internship as a scholar practitioner?


1. Theory and Practice

- How can I use a theory to help me analyze / understand what happens in schools?

- do I see any theory “played out” in my experience or in the experience of my students?

- Do any of my experiences provide data that refutes or discredits a theory?

- How do I now understand schooling? Teaching and learning? (And what is informing this perspective?)


2. Your Experiences

- What did I learn from working with different kids and their families?

- What seemed to impact my teaching the most?

- What seemed to impact the student / teacher relationship the most? The family / teacher relationship? The school / teacher relationship?

- How did home visits inform my teaching?


3. Larger social / cultural / political / economic context and education

- How do larger social / cultural / political / economic issues impact my students, their families, and schools?

- What are trends in education? (And how will these trends impact teachers and their students?)

- What are dominant themes that relate to education and social change? How do you see these themes played out?


4. Vision and Personal Philosophy

- How does my school’s mission statement relate to what is done in my school?

- What is my own emerging vision/mission and how do I hold myself accountable to it?

- How do I foresee myself interfacing with CGU’s vision? What is my emerging understanding of social justice and accountability?


How can I analyze schools, teaching, and learning as a scholar practitioner?



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