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Become a Protégé!
As a proté­­­­gé­­­­, you’ll participate in many interesting and beneficial MMP activities. In addition, you’ll be able to provide  personal feedback, offering suggestions that help improve the program as a whole and ultimately enhancing your own  experience at CGU. Overall, your contributions assist in the creation of a more congenial climate on campus, one that
incorporates the needs and aspirations of the university’s entire student community.

Mentors play an important role!
As a mentor, you will be responsible for maintaining contact with your respective proté­­­­gé­­­­s via phone calls, e-mails, and other forms of personal ­­communication.  Along with providing invaluable insight and guidance, you may decide to plan social outings with your proté­­­­gé, such as getting together to eat, exercise, play sports or participate in other activities you both enjoy.

"While some students seek out mentors amongst the student body, it was such a rare privilege to be put in touch with one at the very beginning of my tenure at CGU. This relationship didn't come too soon for me. At that point in my academic career, I not only felt a bit vulnerable and uncertain about what to expect at this new school, but was under the gun to hit the ground running by obtaining solid grades, establishing important relationships, giving professors their first impressions of my aptitude and making pivotal decisions that would potentially affect the remainder of my career.  I felt very fortunate that MMP put me in touch with advanced students who knew very well my predicament, and who reassured me that although my program was challenging, success at CGU was achievable."
- Kimaada Brown, M.A., Organizational Behavior and Evaluation

“MMP has given me a needed place/space where I do not have to qualify or justify my culture or personhood in a sometimes intense academic environment.  Common and shared experiences can be as important as diverse and different experiences.  MMP offers an important common ground for minority's unique shared experiences.” 
- Kenneth Walden, Ph.D., Theology

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