Program Purpose




The program works and trains student mentors to lead mentee co-horts throughout the academic year to assist new students in navigating the ins and outs of the first year of graduate school. Please contact for more information.



Each year the MMP office offers a variety of workshops on common topics of interest in graduate school such as presentation skills for academic conferences and how best to over come the typical pitfalls of the first year of graduate school, particularly for under represented students. Workshops are open to all CGU students and you may attend as many as you like.

All Student Conference

A large part of graduate school involves research: gathering it, interpreting it and presenting it. At CGU we provide an opportunity to present your research in a supportive, yet academically critical environment. The conference each year is student run and strives to provide a positive environment for students from all disciplines at CGU and beyond to hone their presentation skills for the future. The call for papers is sent out during the early part of the Fall semester and the conference is typically held in January. Please click here for more information.

The Navigator - your online workshop

Although our workshops are designed to assist you in navigating  the various aspects of your journey through graduate school we know that often it is not possible to fit all of these into your already busy schedule. For this reason we have added an online feature of succinct fact sheets to guide you on the most commonly discussed workshop topics, and other helpful information which you can read on your own time. Click on the various topics below for more information or when you need a reminder of optimum time management skills or to learn about the importance of academic conferences in your first semester at CGU.


Joint Events

MMP partners with the various student organizations across the Claremont Colleges to co-sponsor events throughtout the year that are especially relevant to underrepresented students in order to create a broad base of support and community founded in the knowledge that in unity and diversity we are able to share resources, provide support, learn from each other and gain strength. View our list of partner centers here.

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Minority Mentor Program
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