New Student FAQ

Here are some questions that are frequently asked by newly admitted Executive Management Program students. We encourage an open dialog among faculty, staff and students and welcome your questions and suggestions.

Now that I have been admitted, what's the next step?

You will receive an official admission letter and an enrollment card to fill out and return to CGU Admissions and Records.  EMP students are required to enclose an enrollment deposit of $750 which will be applied to your tuition. You must return the enrollment card to signify your intent to enroll for classes.  Information regarding general CGU admission procedures can be found at CGU Admissions. Updated 4-14-2010

How do I register for classes?

The current semester course schedule, course summaries, syllabi and registration forms are published in the Current Students section of the Drucker School website. Newly admitted students registering for classes for the first time should give their completed registration forms directly to the EMP office. Completed registration forms may be faxed in to (909) 607-9104.Continuing students may register online. For questions regarding registration, please contact Mary Jo Carzoo.

How do I decide what classes to take?

Before registering for your classes, it is important for newly admitted students to meet with the EMP Academic Advisor. She can help you development your educational plan for your time here at the Drucker School, and tailor it to best suit your personal and professional goals.

Academic advising includes assistance in transferring previous graduate level credit, selection of appropriate courses and other educational experiences, explanation of institutional requirements, evaluation of student progress toward established educational goals, and finalizing degree completion and graduation.

Once you have determined which courses you wish to take, the next step is to register for the current semester offerings. The current semester course schedule, course summaries, syllabi and registration forms are published in the Current Students section of the CGU website.

Newly admitted students registering for the first time should give their completed registration forms directly to the EMP office. Completed registration forms may also be faxed in to (909) 607-9104. Continuing students may register online.

Can I drop/add a class once the semester has begun?

Once you have initially registered, you have until the third class meeting to make a change in registration for a regular 14-week course.

Changes in classes for a 7-week or an intensive weekend course must be made prior to the first class meeting.

If you are dropping/adding a class, you must complete a change in registration form and submit it to the EMP office. All course materials must be returned in an unmarked condition to the department.

Where can I get information about EMP courses?

Current semester course schedules, course summaries, and syllabi can be accessed at the EMP Course Schedule page.

Course summaries for all courses offered through the Executive Management Program can be accessed through the Course Listing link within the EMP pages.

How are EMP courses structured?

EMP courses are offered in a variety of formats to accommodate the busy lives of management professionals. Within the regular CGU semester, students can take either 7-week (2 unit) courses or 14-week (4 unit) courses. Intensive courses, with a 1 to 2 week format (2 to 4 units) are typically offered each semester; these courses are often offered abroad in the summer semester. Weekend courses (2 to 4 units) that meet for 2 consecutive weekends are also available.

How do I establish my CGU e-mail account?

All students receive a CGU email account. A CGU email account will be set up for you and your user-name and a temporary password will be given to you by EMP staff. After you receive this, it's a good idea to change your password. Also, your CGU email can be configured to automatically forward to another email account if you choose.

Your CGU email address will be subscribed to the EMP listserv, which is the primary way program staff uses to inform you regarding important dates and deadlines, about changes in course listings, or tell you about news and events.

For questions about or problems with your email account or wireless, contact the OIT Help Desk, or call them at (909) 621-8174. The OIT Help Desk is located in the CGU Academic Computing Building, 130 E. Ninth Street, Room 111.

Where do I get a parking permit?

Parking permits are required when parking in any CGU parking lot.  Visit Campus Security, located at 150 East 8th Street to obtain a free parking permit.  To register your vehicle you will need your driver's license, CGU ID card, and your vehicle registration.   Street parking on campus does not require a parking permit. However, when parking on the street, vehicles cannot be left overnight. The City of Claremont will give you a one-night overnight parking pass if you call them at (909) 399-5411.

Please be nice to our neighbors! CGU has an agreement with the city and our neighbors to never park on the west side of College Avenue nor within the neighborhoods west of College Avenue. If you still have questions about where you can park, please view the Campus Map

Where do I get textbooks?

Textbooks and course packets are provided to you as part of your tuition. Huntley Bookstore will ship your course materials to you approximately three weeks prior to the beginning of classes. If you have questions regarding textbook delivery, please contact Maryjo Carzoo by telephone at (909) 607-7369 or by e-mail at

Where do I get my student ID card?

You need to get your student ID card as soon as you enroll, it provides you with access to the Claremont Colleges' libraries, computer facilities and parking privileges. Obtain IDs at Claremont Card Center

Students can obtain I.D.s
at Honnold Library's Connection Center.

New students
are issued their CGU Student ID Card at the beginning of their first semester. New students should obtain their I.D. card once the semester has begun.

Returning/Continuing students
who are registered will have valid cards.  All of the necessary constituencies will be notified of registered students.

Renewal Stickers
are no longer be distributed.

The Claremont Card Center is available to issue cards at the location noted above.  If you have any questions, please give student records a call at 909.621.8285 or send them an email at:

Where are the computer labs?

There are five computer labs available for student use.   In the Drucker School's Burkle Building, there is a student computer lab on the east end of the first floor (Room 18). It contains PC computers, and a printer. 

The CGU computer lab is on the ground floor (Room 118 and 126) of the Academic Computing Building (ACB) located at 130 E. Ninth Street. The ACB computer lab has both PCs and Macs, some equipped with scanners.  The ACB building is locked each night at approximately 10 pm and requires that you swipe  your student ID in the card reader to gain entrance.

ACB 118 and 126, x73695
8:30am - 12 midnight M-Sat.
8:30am - 8pm Sun.

Burkle Lab: Burkle 18
8:30am - 10pm M-F
8:30am - 6pm Sat.

Harper Lab: Harper 8
8:30am - 10pm M-F
8:30am - 6pm Sat.

CGU Student Success Center
(Formerly Humanities Resource Center)
Includes meeting facilities
8:30am - 5pm M-F

All Labs Maintenance: 1am - 6am daily

For more detailed information about the computer labs and other computing resources, visit the CGU Office of Instructional Technology.

What about library access?

Once you have obtained your student ID from the Card Center, access and borrowing privileges to the Honnold/Mudd Library should be automatic. The Honnold/Mudd Library is located at the intersection of College Way, Dartmouth Avenue and Columbia Avenue. You may also access the Honnold/Mudd Library, its resources, such as its research databases, and manage your library account online.

Is there a student lounge?

There is a coffee lounge with vending machines, a microwave, a telephone for on-campus and free local phone calls, and CGU computer network ports located on the first floor of the Drucker School's Burkle Building. Students are also free to use any of the breakout rooms (Burkle 15, 17 and 19) when not in use, or the Burkle Computer lab as areas to study. For quiet study, the Honnold/Mudd Library has study rooms and individual spaces available. There is also the Dennison Library at Scripps College, located at the east end of Eleventh Street at Columbia Avenue, through the archway and to the right.

How do I find my grades?

Graded papers that are returned by professors are held at the EMP office in the Burkle Building and can be picked up from the Program/Faculty Support person.

Course grades are issued approximately five weeks after the end of the semester by the Registrar's Office and can be viewed via the CGU Student Portal. Grades are no longer sent via regular mail. You may also view your enrollment and unofficial transcript via the Student Portal. The EMP staff is unable to disclose your grades early nor may the be given via email or telephone. Because of the EMP shorter modules during the academic semester, there is a time lag between when your course ends and when the Registrar will officially post your grades. This is because grades for early intensive courses, Module I courses, Module II courses and full semester courses are not due until the end of the official CGU semester. For those of you who receive tuition reimbursement through your employers, please make sure that they are aware of our grade issuance policy and plan accordingly.

Can I use a laptop in class?

Generally, laptops for note-taking during class are allowed. The Burkle Building classrooms have network ports and electrical outlets for this purpose. CGU also offers wireless internet access. For this you will need your CGU email user ID and password. To log on, open your web browser and you will be automatically directed to the CGU login page. If you have trouble accessing the wireless network or have forgotten your CGU email user ID and password, contact CGU OIT help desk at, on-campus extension 18174, or call (909) 621-8174

I'm worried about my first class, can I do this?

You haven't answered my question, so who do I ask?

Ask us! Just visit the Contact Us page. Any of the EMP staff will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with further assistance.

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