Master of Arts Degree Programs


Degree Programs

The Department of Politics and Policy offers six (6) MA degree programs and one (1) transdisciplinary program with the School of Religion.

Master of Arts in International Studies  (36/48 units)
Master of Arts in Politics
(American Politics or Political Philosophy) (36/48 units)
Master of Arts in Public Policy (48 units)
Master of Arts in Public Policy & Evaluation (48 units)
Master of Arts in International Political Economy (48 units)
Master of Arts in Politics, Economics and Business
 (48 units)
Master of Arts in Religion and American Politics (48 units)

Each is designed to provide a blend of applied and analytical skills appropriate to their respective discipline. Students study towards immediate career goals, or further advanced academic work.

Core Master's Degree Requirements

PP 481 Quantitative Research Methods (4 units)
Plus, one of the following: 
 PP 482 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods (4 units) or
 PP 483 Legal Research Methods (4 units)


Master's Research Paper

In addition, all M.A. students enrolled in 36-unit degree programs must complete a master's research paper demonstrating effective writing ability and substantial research skills. The paper is in addition to the 36 units required, though it is our expectation that this paper will have grown from the student's ongoing interests and previous course work.


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