Commencement Timeline / Deadlines

MAY 2012 

Graduation Deadlines 


 Feb 17    

Last day to submit Intent to Receive Degree Form

 March 19

Last day to schedule dissertation defense

 April 6

Last day to defend dissertations

 April 16

Due date for Dissertation/Critique/Thesis

 April 16

Due date for completion of all degree requirements

 May 12

Commencement; Degrees conferred


 Graduation Deadlines for "Commencement Participation Exceptions" 

 March 28

Last day to submit request to Academic Dean

 April 13

Last day for Deans to submit requests to Provost

 April 20

Last day for Provost to approve Commencement Exceptions

 April 30

Last day to defend dissertations for approved "exceptions"


  March 28

Last day to order regalia without incurring a penalty.                                     ($20.00 late fee after this date)








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