International Political Economy




Analytical and Interdisciplinary Perspectives on World Politics and Economics
Globalization and the increased interconnectedness between politics, economics, and policy require a new set of specialized educational tools.

The Master of Arts in International Political Economy (MAIPE) program prepares students from the United States and around the world to analyze the complex interactions between political and economic trends, both domestically and at the international level. This program provides the analytical tools and contextual background that prepares students for the challenges of competition in market economies around the globe.

The MAIPE is a 48-unit degree program which takes advantage of the high level of curriculum integration between the departments of Economics and Politics and Policy. Students will be trained in the analytical tools most frequently in demand for analyzing trends and issues in the international political economy. Students develop basic skills in microeconomics and macroeconomics while mastering the major conceptual approaches to world politics and international political economy. Students focusing on international economics usually emphasize formal models and econometrics in their methodological training, while those primarily interested in politics emphasize decision theory and statistics. All students are encouraged to develop the sophisticated computer skills most useful in applied situations.  

The MAIPE program is ideal for students who may be interested in a subsequent pursuit of the Ph.D. degree, since the foundations laid in this program allow full transfer of credits toward the doctorate.



Core Courses (8 units):

SPE410 Foundations of Political Economy
PP411 International Political Economy


A. Complete the following three courses (12 units):

PP354 Political Risk Analysis OR
SPE315 Game Theory
PP412 Political Economy of Globalization & Regional Integration
PP487 Computing Applications for Data Analysis OR
PP471 Decision Making Models


B. Choice of three courses (12 units):

PP361 Political Economy of the Middle East
PP366 Political & Economic Development in Latin America
PP418 Seminar in International Political Economy
SPE419 Special Topics in International Political Economy
ECON235 Money and Banking    
ECON240 International Economics (highly recommended)    
ECON241 Agricultural Economic Development
ECON247 International Trade Theory and Policy
ECON286 Public Choice
ECON300 Political Economy and Social Inquiry
PP351 Comparative Institutional Analysis
SPE360 Advanced Political Economy


Complete ONE of the following two sequences (8 units):

ECON302 Macroeconomic Analysis I
SPE 313 Microeconomics and Public Policy OR
ECON302 Macroeconomic Analysis I
ECON313 Microeconomic Analysis I


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