American Politics Field PhD


Core Course Requirement (4 units):
  • PP300 American Politics & Institutions
Choose Five (5) additional courses from the following subfields (20 units)
One (1) course from American Political Thought & Development
  • PP301 American Political Development
  • PP310 The Presidency and the Constitution
  • PP312 Perspectives on Judicial Power
  • PP315 Deliberative Democracy
  • PP321 Judicial Review, Democracy and the Constitution
  • PP451 The Federalist
  • PP457 John Locke

Two (2) courses from National Institutions
  • PP305 Executive-Congressional Relations
  • PP306 Legislative Process & Public Policy
  • PP307 The Modern Presidency
  • PP311 American Presidency
  • PP316 The Administrative State
  • PP318 American Politics, Courts and Public Policy
  • PP326 American Constitutional Law I: Civil Liberties, OR
  • PP327 American Constitutional Law II: National Powers

Two (2) courses from Individual & Collective Behavior
  • PP301 American Political Development
  • PP302 American Political Behavior
  • PP308 Political Psychology
  • PP309 Women and the Political Process
  • PP313 Representation and Elections
  • PP314 Political Parties in the U.S.
  • PP323 Racial, Ethnic & Social Minorities in American Politics
  • PP329 Public Opinion
  • PP 341 U.S. Immigration Policy

Students interested in designing a second major field must consult with a faculty advisor and submit the proposed field with coursework required and a field committee (from core faculty) to the Department Chair for approval.

Faculty Contacts:

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