MGT 584 – Law, Ethics & the Enterprise

This course will begin with a brief survey of the most important ways law
makes its impact felt on the enterprise: both inside the enterprise (in relations
with and among employees, managers, executives, board members, and
owners), and in dealings between the enterprise and its outside stakeholders
(suppliers, partners, customers, communities, markets, and governments).
But our survey will be imbedded in a much deeper discussion of the nature of
law, and of the ways the law relates to ethical issues and to considerations of
the enterprise as a human social construct. The enterprise will be considered
both as an ethical actor itself, and as an influence or set of constraints on the
ethical behavior of all the people who participate in it.


Executives need to have a feel for the way the law works and so, in addition to
discussing some actual legal cases and some hypothetical ones, this course will
involve role-playing elements in which the students will play all the roles
involved in the legal system: client, attorney, witness, jury, judge, and even
legislator/law-giver. The course also includes a segment on legal procedures
so that the students can gain some sense of what the "life-history" of a lawsuit
feels like.

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