Political Philosophy Field PhD





Core Course Requirement (4 units):

  • PP450 Major Works in Political Philosophy


Choose one (1) course from each of the following subfields listed below (12 units):

Ancient & Medieval Political Philosophy

  • PP304 Ethics and Politics
  • PP456 Topics in Ancient Political Philosophy
  • PP456a Plato’s Laws
  • PP456b Thucydides
  • PP461a Classical Political Philosophy: Aristotle
  • PP461b Classical Political Philosophy: Cicero

Ancient & Medieval Political Philosophy Cont’d

  • PP464 Ethics and Politics: Aristotle and Cicero
  • PP465 Medieval Political Philosophy
  • PP466 Basic Concepts in Political Philosophy: Plato’s Republic

Modern Political Philosophy

  • PP451 The Federalist
  • PP453 Idealism and Nihilism
  • PP457 The Political Philosophy of John Locke
  • PP457a The Political Philosophy of Rousseau
  • PP457b The Political Philosophy of Machiavelli
  • PP457c Political Philosophy of Montesquieu
  • PP458 The Problem of Freedom in Recent Political
  • PP459 Liberal Individualism and Communitarianism
  • PP468 American Political Thought and Development

Contemporary Political Philosophy

  • PP454 Contemporary Figures in Political Philosophy: Ortega y Gasset and Arendt
  • PP455 Feminist Political Thought
  • PP462 Contemporary Political Theory
  • PP463 The Political Philosophy of Heidegger

2)    Expertise in Depth - Choose two (2) courses in one of the subfield areas (8 units) listed:

  • One (1) course should be a thematic, or “issue course
  • The second course should focus on the work of one theorist

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