Public Policy Field PhD




Public Policy Field


Core Courses (16 units)

  • PP330 Public Policy Process
  • PP338 Policy Design and Implementation
  • SPE318 Cost Benefit Analysis AND
  • PP331 Policy Evaluation


Substantive Track (8 units)

The following are examples of tracks in Policy:


Track 1: State and Local Economic Development

  • PP346  Economic & Community Development
  • PP348  Seminar in Public Policy


Track 2: Environmental Policy

  •  SPE 349 Energy and Environmental Policy
  • ECON272 Environmental Economics (Pitzer) OR
  • SPE348 Regulatory Policy


Track 3: Evaluation with SBOS


  • PSY315z Comparative Evaluation Theory OR
  • PSY354 Evaluation Procedures (pre-requisite SPE315)
  • SPE348 Regulatory Policy (pre-requisite SPE315)


Track 4:  Education with SES


  • EDUC525 The Politics of Inequality in Education
  • EDUC337 Issues in Contemporary Urban Education


Track 5:  Health Policy with SGH


  • CGH300 Theoretical Foundations in Health Promotion and Education
  • CGH302 Epidemiology


Track 6:  National Institutions


  • PP306 Legislative Process & Public Policy
  • PP307 The Modern Presidency
  • PP328 Congress, The Presidency & The Administrative State





Track 7:  Political Participation


  • PP302 American Political Behavior

  • PP313 Representation and Elections

  • PP329 Public Opinion


Track 8:  Women and Policy


  • GOVT287 Women and the Law

  • GOVT290 Women & the Political Process


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