September '11

The SEFNA Final Report was completed and made available online here

August '11

Task 7, Chronicle triangulation survey follow-up and data analysis completed

April '11

The SEFNA study team met to discuss cross task data analysis at CEC conference in Washington D.C.

April '11

The SEFNA team presented key findings at AERA conference in New Orleans, LA

February '11

The SEFNA team presented key findings at AACTE conference in San Diego, CA

October '10

SEFNA held Study Team Meeting for Task 4 at CGU

June '10

Task 4 data analysis began

May '10

The SEFNA Special Education Teacher Education Program Survey (Task 4) closed; downloading data from the on-line survey began 

April '10

The SEFNA Board met at the annual Council for Exceptional Children's (CEC) conference in Nashville 

February '10

SEFNA held Study Team Meeting for Tasks 1, 2, and 3 at CGU

December '09 – February '10

Task 4 Teacher Education Program Survey* follow-up

October '09  

Distribution of Teacher Education Program Survey to randomized sample from 12 states*

Task 3 doctoral graduate survey closed*

September '09

Results of Tasks 5 and 6 reported to OSEP; Related SEFNA Briefs posted

August '09

Distribution of Pilot Teacher Education Program Survey*

IRB submission for Teacher Education Program Survey

July '09

IRB Approval for Pilot Teacher Education Program Survey

Collaborated with the Personnel Center (NASDSE) to develop points of contact for selected schools (Task 4)

June '09

Task 2 doctoral student survey closed*

April '09

Distribution of Task 3 doctoral graduate survey began*

SEFNA held Interim Study Team Meeting at CEC, Seattle

March '09

Tasks 5 and 6 data collection completed

January '09

Distribution of Task 2 doctoral student survey began* 

December '08 – June '09

List of doctoral graduates and contact information for a ten-year period (5/99 to 5/06) gathered by SEFNA*

August '08 - September '08

Doctoral Program Surveys sent to all identified schools*

June '08

IRB Submitted for Doctoral Program Survey (Task 1)

Pilot process for Task 1 completed*; and final procedures for the Student Survey completed (Task 2)

Supplement for Task 5 and 6 approved; these additional tasks added to the scope of work

May '08

Doctoral Program Coordinators and points of contact for SEFNA survey participation identified for ALL special education doctoral programs in the nation*

February - March '08

SEFNA staff develops and conducts a pilot of the Doctoral Program and Student Surveys. Four universities participated and provided feedback about the process of survey content and the process of survey delivery and distribution.*

January '08

Initial briefing and overview presentation about the work planned for the Special Education Faculty Needs Assessment (SEFNA) project, HECSE Annual Meeting

December '07

SEFNA held its initial meeting with technical advisors in Claremont, CA

November '07

SEFNA was funded by OSEP and began work

*Each coordinator/point of contact/survey responder received an incentive for completing the appropriate survey.


Updated: September 8, 2014

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