SEFNA, Claremont, October, 2010

Task 4 study team members convened in Claremont for two days to consider the data collected from the Special Education Teacher Education Program Survey. Specifically they discussed how the new data from Task 4 relates to the other Tasks 1, 2, & 3. Key findings and implications from the evaluative effort were shared.

SEFNA Task 4 Study Team: Bottom row from left: Bianca Montrosse, SEFNA Research Analyst, Jane West, AACTE, Patty McHatton, TED Representative, Mike Rosenberg, Johns Hopkins University Top from left: Roxanne Watson, SEFNA Project Coordinator, Mike Hardman, University of Utah, Deb Smith, SEFNA Principal Investigator, Chris Young, SEFNA Survey Coordinator, Naomi Tyler, Vanderbilt University, Sue Robb, SEFNA Task 4 Survey Coordinator, Ben Lignugaris-Kraft, HECSE Reprsentative (not pictured, Mark Goor, University of LaVerne).

Deb Smith, Principal Investigator, leads a lively discussion regarding data from the Task 4 Survey

Task 4 Study Team Members Jane West, Mike Hardman , and Mike Rosenberg

SEFNA at the Council for Exceptional Children’s (CEC) Annual Conference, Nashville, 2010

At the national CEC meeting, the SEFNA Board gathered for an update about the project’s progress. Board members and SEFNA staff shared a lively discussion about possible implications of the key findings of Tasks 1, 2, and 3. (For a summary of key findings to date, please see the June 2010 Response Rates & Key Findings report in the SEFNA Publications section of the Resources page on this Web site.)

SEFNA, Claremont, February, 2010

SEFNA Tasks 1, 2 and 3 study team members consider data collected per task and set comparison analyses. In particular, they consider data from the 2001 Faculty Shortage Study with SEFNA data, as well as data across SEFNA tasks.

Chris Young, SEFNA Project Assistant; Naomi Tyler of Vanderbilt University, SEFNA Task 2 Coordinator; Herb Reith of The University of Texas - Austin, SEFNA Study Team Member; Sue Robb of Claremont Graduate University, SEFNA Task 4 Coordinator; Bianca Montrosse, SEFNA Research Analyst; Deb Smith of Claremont Graduate University, SEFNA Principal Investigator (not pictured, Mike Hardman of The University of Utah, SEFNA Study Team Member, Roxanne Watson of Claremont Graduate University, SEFNA Project Coordinator)

Meeting at IRIS @ CGU to discuss further data analyses and interpretation of results of Tasks 1, 2, and 3.

Continuing the conversation over lunch at the SEFNA offices on a sunny California afternoon.

HECSE, January 2010

SEFNA staff highlighted some preliminary findings from tasks 1, 2, 4, and 5.

CEC, Seattle, April 2009

Members of the SEFNA Advisory Board met over dinner during the Council for Exceptional Children convention on April 2, 2009.  An overview of accomplished tasks was discussed as well as a review of draft briefs for Task 5 and 6.  Additionally at the dinner meeting, small task force teams were created to discuss specific issues related to the various SEFNA tasks.

HECSE, January 2009

SEFNA staff provided the HECSE participants at their annual winter meeting with an update of overall data collection efforts, discussed strategies for more currently enrolled doctoral students to complete surveys, and provided a summary of data being collected for Tasks 5 and 6.  Conversations with Hill staffers and OSEP leaders were held about the completion rates of OSEP-supported doctoral students in special education.

TED November 2008

Members of the SEFNA Advisory Board met at the Council for Exceptional Children’s Annual Teacher Education Division meeting in Dallas, Texas to discuss the progress being made on the SEFNA studies.  Coming together at this meeting provided a wonderful opportunity for the different SEFNA task forces to share and interact.

SEFNA, Claremont, December 2007

At the Kick-off SEFNA Planning Meeting, held at Claremont Graduate University (CGU) in December of 2007, Advisors and Task Force Members met with the SEFNA Management Team as issues and details about the project’s work were resolved.  Lively discussions at Casa 457 in Claremont laid a fine foundation for SEFNA and its work.

Mike Hardman of Utah State University and Bob Gilmore, SEFNA Project Officer, of the Office of Special Education Programs talk over ways to sample the nation’s special education teacher education programs.

Mike Rosenberg, Johns Hopkins University and member of the SEFNA Management Team, and Susan Evans, SEFNA Task Force Member and faculty at the University of San Francisco, concluded a conversation about the Doctoral Program Surveys with CGU’s Tina Christie, SEFNA Needs Assessment Leader.

Chuck Salzberg, Utah State University, and Georgia Kerns (foreground), representing the Council for Exceptional Children’s Teacher Education Division, and CGU’s Daryl Smith discuss the Doctoral Students’ Survey and issues related to IRB approvals.

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