Apartment Details & Pricing Structure


Space in the CGU Apartment complex is limited, therefore apartment units are assigned on a first-come first-serve basis. An Initial Fee of $500.00 (U.S) must be submitted along with the Housing Services Application and Housing Services License Agreement in order to be considered for on-campus housing. If any of these items are missing from your application package, no action will be taken by the Housing Services Office and your file will be considered incomplete.

The community offers the following housing options:

  • Studios, 315 sq. ft. ("A" Floorplan) - This is the most popular housing option among our student residents. It offers an open living area and has no designated bedroom. Only one student can occupy a studio.
  • Apartments - Just like a traditional apartment, these spacious units offer bedroom, dining room, and living room areas, and are available in the following styles:
    • One-bedroom / One bath, 536 sq. ft. ("B" Floorplan) - This plan can be occupied by a single student, or a student and two additional family members.
    • Two-bedroom / Two bath, 793 sq. ft. ("D" Floorplan) - This plan can be occupied by two single students ( one in each bedroom) or a student and three additional family members.
  • Suites - While offering bedroom and dining room areas, a suite is still smaller than an apartment because there is no living room area. For on-campus living, suites are the most inexpensive housing option available, and are offered in the following styles:
    • Two-bedroom / One bath, 536 sq. ft. ("C" Floorplan) - This option can be occupied by two students (one per bedroom).
    • Three-bedrooms / Two bath, 793 sq. ft. ("E" Floorplan) - This option can be occupied by three students (one per bedroom). One student will have a private bathroom while the other two students will share a bathroom.

Please note Mattresses and bedframes are the only items not provided in our bed spaces. The University partners with (UBS) University Bed Soultions to assist students in the need of a mattress, bedframe or both. Please visit http://www.universitybedsolutions.com/#!claremont-graduate-university/cyr6





Occupants       Current Rent (monthly)

Rental Rates

(effective August 1, 2014)

Initial Fee




Studio    1 Student $898.00 $925.00 $500.00


1Bedroom 1Bathroom

 1 Student


 1 Student and up to   two family members*

$1298.00 $1337.00 $500.00
C Suite

2 Students

(one per bedroom)


per student

$709.00 $500.00


2Bedrooms 2Bathrooms

2 Students


1 Student and up to three family members*

$898.00 per student


$1795.00 for entire apt.

$925.00 per student


$1850.00 for entire apt.

E Suite

 3 Students

(one per bedroom)

$703.00 for private bath


$649.00 per student (shared bath)

$724.00 for private bath


$668.00 per student (shared bath)



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