Brad Killaly

         Adjunct Professor



PH.D., University of Michigan



Research Interests: Evolutionary economics, with specific attention to the causes of firm change. Organizational decision making, learning and organizational ecology. The relationship between organizational experience and performance. 


Research Abstract: Professor Killaly's research is in the fields of strategy and organization theory, with specific interests in evolutionary theories of firm change. In particular, his current research involves evaluationg the impact of a firm's current performance and experience in undertaking change on the likelihood and direction of future change. He is currently testing theories of change by empirically studying the imitative and innovative expansion patterns of international telecommunications companies over the period 1984 - 1996. His other research involves testing the impact of a firm's industrial experience on its performance in the American brewing industry over the life of this industry (1633-present), as well as investigating the influence of immigration flows on the founding's and performance of brewing firms.


2014 Claremont Graduate University 1021 North Dartmouth Ave., Claremont, CA 91711 (909) 607-7811