Policy Clinics


The clinic operates as a public-interest research team in which students and interested faculty prepare reports on specific policy issues. It provides students with an opportunity to develop their research skills and theoretical insights, and to apply them to contemporary problems in public policy.

Faculty members participating in the department occasionally offer semester-long or modular workshops designed to complement their research and teaching. The workshops are conducted like the Public Policy Clinic, in that they involve team research, but they differ from the clinic in the sense that their research agendas are generated from within the department and they normally operate without outside sponsorship.

PP490(a): Clinic: Land Policy in California (Staff)

PP490(b): Urban Policy Clinic (Staff)

PP490(c): Policy Clinic: Elections Practicum (Staff)

PP490(d): Policy Clinic: Crime and Punishment in California (Staff)

PP490(e): Policy Clinic: State Regulation of the Fetus (Staff)

PP490(f): Policy Clinic: Working Problems in Minority Voter Representation (Staff)

PP490(g): Applied World Politics (Staff)

PP490(h): Policy Clinic: Governing California-Local Legislative Assemblies (Staff)

PP490(j): The Political Economy of Gun Control in California (Staff)

PP492: Dissertation Proposal Workshop (Staff)


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