steve rapier

Adjunct Professor

Biographical Information
Stephen Rapier is Executive Vice President of the Artime Group, an advertising and branding firm in Pasadena, CA. His responsibilities include brand development, strategic messaging, media planning, marketing planning, public relations, and market research. Over the past 26 years he has provided strategic consultation for a variety of clients, including 3M Unitek, Rose Hills, Indymac Bank, Utility Trailer, Affinity Internet, and GBC Motorsports. Steve is presently a doctoral student in Management at the The Drucker School. He has guest lectured at USC, Cal State Long Beach, Cal State Los Angeles, and Cal State San Bernardino on a variety of subjects. His public relations claim-to-fame was handling the press relations for Shoars v. Epson that became legal precedent for email privacy laws in the workplace. He is a former contributor to small business columns in BusinessWeek and The Los Angeles Times.

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