Transnational Feminisms Project


The Transnational Feminisms project highlights the dynamic interchange between activism and the academy. The project focuses on the unique problems addressed by contemporary feminist networks that span borders of many kinds, national, colonial, economic, educational, political, religious, cultural, environmental, regional, and more. Initiated among WSR students and professors in spring and summer 2006, the Transnational Feminisms Reading Group spanned academic year 2006-2007, with faculty, student, and community participants. The group discussed readings, hosted guest speakers, and maintained a thought-provoking conversation. The project received grant funding from the CGU Transdisciplinary Studies Program, as well as encouragement to formulate a course on the topic within Transdisciplinary Studies. The Transnational Feminisms course will be offered in spring 2008, led by Religion Dean and WSR Chair Karen Torjesen and Professor Kebokile Dengu-Zvobgo of Pitzer College, another university in the Claremont Consortium.

Spring 2008 Transdisciplinary Course Description

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** TNDY 402B Transnational Feminisms.
Karen Torjesen (Dean, School of Religion, CGU) and Kebokile Dengu-Zvobgo (Professor, Pitzer College)

This course will explore five topics: 1) feminization of poverty, 2) women and the environment, 3) women and violence, 4) women and law, and 5) women, war, and peace. Within these topics, cultural, political, and religious issues will be explored from a transnational perspective, including highlighting voices from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. The main objectives of the course are analysis of women's issues in their regional and national contexts and a study of the local activisms engaging these issues. Students will be expected to form working groups around a topic, develop expertise, select readings for the class and organize presentations.

Transnational Feminisms Reading Group, 2006-2007

The Transnational Feminisms Reading Group met monthly during the academic year 2006 to 2007 to discuss relevant topics, readings, and to welcome lectures and discussions with transnational feminist activists and academics.

September 11: Violence against Women
    Readings: E-Action Bulletins, “Beijing Ten Years Later,”
     Margaret Keck & Kathryn Sikkink. “Transnational Networks on
     Violence against Women” in Activists Beyond Borders. 1998.

October 2: Women and Incarceration
    Readings: Julia Sudbury. “Women of Color, Globalization, and
     the Politics of Incarceration” in The Criminal Justice System
     and Women. 219-234.

November 6: Margo Okazawa-Rey and Amina Mama, Lecture and Discussion
    “African and Middle East Perspectives on Building Transnational
      Feminist Studies and Activisms”

December 4: “Under Western Eyes”: “Third World” Studies in the
Context of Western Academic and Economic Globalization

    Readings: Chandra Talpade Mohanty. “Under Western Eyes”
     and “Under Western Eyes Revisited” in Feminism Without
     Borders. 2003.

February 5: Women, Globalization, Democracy, and Ecology:
Vandana Shiva’s Earth Democracy

    Readings: Vandana Shiva. Earth Democracy: Justice,
     Sustainability, and Peace. 2005.

February 20: Patricia Smith Melton, PeaceXPeace, Lecture and Discussion
    “A Women’s International Peace Movement”
      Plus, film screening: “Women on the Frontlines”

March 28: H.E. Dr. Sallama Shaker, Lecture and Discussion
    “The Egyptian Women’s Movement: A Comparative Perspective”

April 19: Minnie Bruce Pratt, Lecture and Discussion
    “Women and Anti-Imperialist Feminism: A Report-back from Venezuela”
      (World Meeting for Peace and Solidarity, Caracas, Venezuela, April 9-15, 2007)

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