Courses Offered in Mormon Studies

Courses in Mormon Studies include:

  • The Mormon Theological Tradition: An investigation of the development of Mormon theology through the close examination of both its eminent and obscure thinkers and writers.
  • Mormonism through Women’s Eyes: A close study of writings by Mormon women from Lucy Mack Smith to the present in an effort to understand what Mormonism has meant to women.
  • The Mormon Experience: Sociological and Historical Perspectives: An introduction to Mormonism taught jointly by a sociologist, Armand Mauss, and an historian, Richard Bushman.
  • The Life and Thought of Joseph Smith: An examination of the character and teachings of Joseph Smith in the context of his times.
  • Contemporary Mormonism: What are the questions the Church has to address today?  What is Mormon life like in the twenty-first century?  What are the prospects for Mormonism?  Special attention to Mormonism in Southern California.

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